Feb 23 2009


Life doesnt' seem to slow down.  I have recently returned from a really wonderful time in England releasing Unreal there.  I went with some expectation that I would be 'ministering to' people.  Instead, I ended up feeling very 'ministered to'!  I was amazed at people's kindness, generosity and hospitality.  I especially enjoyed time meeting with hundreds of children and youth workers from around the UK (and indeed around the world) at the Good Book Company Bible Centred Youth Work Conference.  thanks especially to Tim and Alison.  It was the first time I had played some of the new songs live and was very glad to see kids happy faces connecting with the songs.  Thanks to the wondering folk in Cambridge, Eastbourne, Wimbledon and Oxford.

The Getty's (Keith and Kristyn) are much bigger in the UK that here in Oz.  I really love some of their songs, which I learned in the UK.  I like the 'meat' of the lyric, combined with some really beautiful melodies which also capture some wonderful emotion.  I have already taught "The Power of the Cross" to my church here in Sydney, and hope to soon teach "There is a Higher Throne".

I have also been enjoying Bob Kauflin's book Worship Matters - thanks for the gift Dave!  When I am reading, I sometimes underline sentences or paragraphs that I think are really good.  I think I have underlined almost every paragraph of Bob's book.  What a great read.

Thanks to Beth for the tip of "The Shack".  I'm half way through it and am certainly challenged to re-think how I approach God.

If you are able to make it to my CD launch, I'd love to see you.  The details are on the front page of my website.  I wonder who reads blogs.  Drop me a line if you are reading this.