Let Your Light Shine

Let Your Light Shine is my latest CD.  Every song is based on one of my favourite Bible Verses.  I guess you could call it "Pop Memory Verses".  The highlight for me in making this CD was doing some vocal collaborations with a range of really cool singers.  I am very excited to have partnered with the larakin talents of Colin Buchanan,  my long time musical mate Rob Smith, the wonderful Alanna Rodgers from Garage Hymnal, the HUGE voice of Dave Hanbury from Revive, and (last, but in no ways least) Jacqui, Katie and Christine Host, who provide some hauntingly gorgeous vocals on the song Holy Holy (from Revelation 4).  I have chosen a range of Bible verse, from both the Old and New Testaments, which have really meant alot to me during my Christian walk.  Highlight songs include Trust in the Lord (Proverbs 3), The Plans I Have For You (Jeremiah 29), Love Love Love One Another (John 13) and of course the title track, Let Your Light Shine (Matthew 5).  Please have a listen to the songs at the Emu Music website:   My main hope is that kids can grow up knowing what God is like and the wonderful promises that God gives us in the Bible.

Unreal Banana Peel

Unreal Banana Peel contains 12 kids praise songs based around the theme of Jesus - who He is, what He has done, and what that means for us. They are easily the most ‘singable' songs I have released so far and complete a journey from songs that I sing to kids, to songs that are especially designed for kids to sing together.

Unreal Banana Peel has some of the finest elements of my first two CDs, combined with some exciting new additions. It was recorded again with my long term mate and musical collaborator, Wayne D'Chong. We again drew on the inspired guitar talents of Dave Holmes and called in the kids from St Matt's Church to sing. This time around, we included a horn section and the rich didgeridoo tones of John Dickson!

I really hope you like these new songs and that they find their way into your church, your car, your lounge room, your iPod and most importantly, your brain and heart!


How Cool Is That!

How Cool is my first kids CD. It contains 12 songs that help kids understand who God is and what he has done - from the creation story (In the Beginning), all the way through to our eternal home (Heaven is a Party). Other favourites on the CD are the ever popular Jumping for Jesus, How Cool Is That! (a response to Jesus resurrection) and the Christmas classic The Best Thing.

Praise Crazy

While How Cool looked at who God is, and what he has done, Praise Crazy takes on the theme of our response to what God has done.  The first song tells it like it is - Jesus, I love You, I thank You, I praise You.  Other songs are based around the words of the Psalms, such as PTL 150 (based on Psalm 150) and Forever and Ever (based on Psalm 30) We brought in the amazing guitar talents of Dave Holmes on this CD, and it has a more raunchy and rocky feel.  In fact, some parents have owned up to putting on the CD even when their kids aren’t around!


The Praise Pop Party DVD

This is my first DVD.  We filmed it at the Holiday Kids Club at my church, where each year we get a whole gang of kids from our local area to have some fun and hear about Jesus.  On the DVD I am joined by the amazing singing and dancing talents of Angie and Elisa, as well as some wonderful sketches from the Quizworx puppets.  Across the DVD we present a simple gospel message for kids, interwoven with singing, actions and heaps of fun.


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