Info for churches

I hope my songs can find a place in your church. Keep the following points in mind:

  • To make it easier for churches to use the songs, I have included ‘Karaoke’ backing tracks on my CDs. If you don’t have a strong musical talent at your church, you can use the CDs to give your kids something to sing along to.
  • The sheet music for my songs is available for free (as pdf files) right here on my website. You can print these off to play in Church.
  • You are very welcome to play any of my songs in your church. You should inform Christian Copyright Licensing (CCLI) of your usage. Most churches will have a person is repsonsbile for organising a CCLI License and completing a regular retrun of the songs you sing at your church. You can find out more about this at the CCLI webpage:
  • Someone once told me that although they liked my songs, they didn’t think they could reproduce the sounds on the CDs with their small church band. Whenever I record my songs, I do like to use technology, studio gadgets and great musicians. However, underneath all of my songs, there is usually just a simple, 3 chord pop-song. Please take the time to look at the sheet music, and I’m sure that your church could make a great job of any of my songs.
  • On my Praise Pop Party DVD you can get a feel for the actions that I use with the songs. However, don’t be limited by my imagination - feel free to make up your own actions for the songs.