Johnny BurnsI was born at a very young age, the son of my mother and father. (yeah, funny!) I am very fortunate to have grown up, and to continue to live in Sydney, Australia. I suspect that I was always destined to end up writing Christian music for kids, although never quite realised that was the path I was on - until I started doing it. While I always had an interest in music, I really got excited as a teenager by music that was fast, loud and energetic. Coincidentally, that was also when I was first challenged with the truth of Jesus and made a decision to become Christian.

My musical ‘apprenticeship’ was playing in pop/rock bands. I started my first band when I was 15 years old, and kept playing in bands for another 15 years. They were fantastic years, forging some life-long friendships with my fellow band-members and learning heaps of really valuable lessons about song writing, stage-craft and keeping an audience entertained.

My life (and my lifestyle) took a huge deviation when my kids were born. I found myself living on a diet of the Hi-5 entrée, followed by a Wiggles main course and healthy serving of Colin Buchanan for desert.

My life now is a continual juggling act - I spend my time juggling my family life; my kids music ministry; working as a child psychologist; and belonging to my church community in the suburbs of Sydney. The tricky part is keeping all the balls up in the air without letting any drop! Overall, I feel amazing blessed to have the love and care of a great family, a wonderful church and the hope and reassurance that comes through faith in the living God.